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Professional In House Repair Service

Our Services

XBOX 360 Repair

$39.99 + HST

(parts are additional if required)

No Video but still has Sound

Freezing Issues

Open Tray Error

(Laser Replacement includes laser and installation) $54.99

Have an issue not listed here do not hesitate to give us a call


$59.99 plus any parts required

Power Supply AC Adapter not working on your original model? We can fix it $59.99

Nintendo Switch Repair

$59.99 + Parts

Popular services include:

Screen Replacement $119.99

HDMI Dock Repair $99.99

Game Card Reader Replacement $119.99

Micro SD slot repair $59.99 plus parts if required

*Don’t see your issue listed give us a call this text to edit. Use this space to describe your service to your visitor. Try to keep this description nice and short.

 *We do not offer Joy Con drift repair 

(Nintendo will fix this issue for free for you)

Nintendo Wii Repair

$34.99 + any parts required

Laser Replacement $44.99 (includes laser and installation)

Is your Wii making a loud clicking noise?

Not reading disks?

Not turning on?

Has your child put something in the disk tray?

Wii U Repair


*Any parts required are an additional cost*

PS3/PS4/PS5 Repair

$59.99 plus any parts required

Hard Drive Replacement (1TB HD $79.99 part+ install and update additional $20) $100 total

Just need the Update $20

Drive not accepting or reading discs?

Power Problems?

Overheating and shutting down on you?

Not sure the problem call for a free diagnosis


* We do not offer HDMI port replacements at this time

Nintendo DSlite/i/XL/3DS Repair Service

ONLY $24.99 (DS Lite/DSi/GBA)

$34.99 (3DS/3DSXL)

Top screen LCD replacement

Bottom screen LCD replacement

Touch Screen Replacement

Broken Hinge Replacement

Cracked or Broken Housing Shell Replacement

Game Cartridge Not Detected

Buttons Not Working

(Any parts required for repair are an additional cost)

Disc Resurfacing

Light Scratches on DVD/Game Disc/CD $1.99

Deeper Scratches/GameCube/BluRay/PS3/PS4/PS5 Disc $2.99


Need some solder work done on your circuit board? Or have wires you need spliced together? 

Great for Audio Video Equipment, PC or even your Automobile.

*Circuit boards must be removed and brought into store.

*We do not offer off site work.

For as little as $15 you can save yourself hundreds on replacement parts.

$15 is base rate contact us for your project price quote.

battery replacement.jpg

Professional Battery Replacement/

Game Cartridge Repair

Do you have a Pokemon game that no longer saves? Well stop by today and we will get you up and gaming $14.99

Do you have a Game Cartridge that is not working

We can fix that too $4.99

Not sure what the issue is? Stop by for a FREE diagnosis or call

What our customers are saying

Best game store in the city. Selection is great, tons of stuff. Great prices. But most of all Roy and his family are fantastic people. Lovely and vibrant. It's also the only store that does repairs!! LIFESAVER!

Bruce Kiraly - Happy Customer

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